Distance Counseling

Distance Counseling

Many people find that it is not convenient or feasible to meet with a counseling therapist at the therapist's office. Factors such as mobility restrictions, a remote rural setting, or simply the flexibility of making contact in one's home or office are popular reasons people use telephone or internet-based counseling.

Research indicates that for the majority, most topics can be addressed through distance counseling, with the result that it is just as effective and satisfying as face to face counseling.  Best of all, it is surprising easy.

    1. Contact us by email or phone. We can quickly assess whether phone counseling is right for you. 
    2. We will direct you to the forms page on our website where you will download, fill out, and return the necessary forms.
    3. Make a secure PayPal payment before your appointment time. We will contact you by telephone or on Skype at the appointment time.

Distance counseling is not for everyone. If you are feeling suicidal, please contact a crisis center, call 911 or in Ontario call Mental Health Hotline 1-866-531-2600. If you are experiencing strong emotional distress, or rapidly changing emotions e-counseling isn't the best choice for you. Please contact a counselor or psychotherapist or mental health worker in your local area.

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